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Saturday, 9 April 2016
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All of us are personal brands and it is important to manage this effectively, consistently and strategically. You should be able to control the message that you want to send and how others see you.

Traditional personal branding techniques rely on selling, promoting your self and becoming famous. Now, personal branding is actually more than just promoting yourself. You need to be perceived as authentic, real and a leader in your industry. The first thing that you need to do in personal branding is that you need to be able to define what your goals and ambitions are so that you will know where you want to take your personal brand. This is the most exciting and essential part of your personal branding online or offline. This is basically the starting point and the guiding principles of your brand. By figuring out were you want to take your brand, you will by able to figure out all the things that you need to actually create a successful brand. Also, in figuring out where you want to take your brand, you will be able to define what the values of the brand are and what it actually stands for. You will also be able to create a strategy that is based on what you are really good at and what you love to do. The next thing that you need to is to create and define your personal brand. This particular step involves creating and formulating a distinctive brand that is

very persuasive and very memorable brand promise and you can use it to influence how you act and how you behave. You have to take time and write down what your mission and vision of the brand is which should be in harmony with your personal ambition is and to create a very compelling brand story in order to promote the brand that is actually based on you. You need to be able to analyze yourself so that you can figure out what it is that you really want to do and what kind of market that you want to target. Personal branding can take a lot of time so it is important that you do not rush it. How ever you brand yourself is how people are going to see you. Getting massive exposure for your online or offline business is actually pretty easy with all tools that are available in the market today. Having a blog or website will do wonders for any type of business. The first thing that you have to remember before you start any marketing plan is that you have to define your target audience. Your marketing strategy should actually start from here because not all types of media outlets are being patronized by every age group. There are still those people that are still patronizing old school methods such as newspapers and magazines and there are some that have gone completely online. Asking the question, “Does my market patronize certain types of media?” if the answer is yes, then should determine what type of media they actually like to use and if they have access to that certain type of channel of communication. Offline methods are very successful however; they require more work since you to have a list of local media outlets that are being patronized by a .